Can I Get Braces On Just My Bottom (Or Top) Teeth?

One of the most common stereotypes about braces is wires and brackets all around your teeth. However, this is not the only way you can get some braces.

Can you get braces just on your upper or lower teeth? Yes, you can! It is considered as a single arch orthodontic form of treatment. With many questions arising from patients on whether they can fit braces on either the upper or lower jaw, it is wise to say yes, but many factors are considered.

However, if you have issues related to biting, it means that the relationship between either jaw might be an issue. Underbite and overbite problems can determine if you get upper or lower braces. However, only a small percentage of people have biting issues. Besides, only a few qualify to have single arch treatment due to the many factors involved.

Why Would Someone Only Need Braces On the Top or Bottom?

One of the main reasons why someone might need braces on the bottom or top is malocclusions. This is a term that is used to explain different medical conditions about teeth when someone smiles. Some of the common examples of malocclusion include crooked teeth and crowding.

Most of the common causes of malocclusion require only braces to realign the teeth. However, there are some types of malocclusions that are not easily noticeable and still require braces. Besides, there are a few occasions where one needs braces either on the top or bottom. In such a case, an orthodontist will specify the criteria to assess if someone needs the braces.

As discussed earlier, an overbite is one of the main reasons why one might need to fix braces on the bottom teeth. If their upper teeth are mainly straight, it is recommended that braces are set on the lower teeth only. Braces will come in handy as they will help in the realignment of the teeth making the jawbone shift in the right position. This corrects the overbite issue one might be having.

If someone has straight teeth on the bottom, but has crooked upper teeth and experiences an underbite, fixing the upper teeth is recommended. Certainly, braces are the right form of medication in this case. Besides, other conditions should be taken into consideration. They include jawbone alignment, bite, and teeth appearance.

If someone wants to fix either the upper or bottom teeth, many factors must be considered. However, it mostly depends on the situation of teeth either on the top or bottom side. In most cases, if the upper teeth are straight, you might only need to fix the bottom teeth.

On the other hand, if the bottom teeth are well placed while the upper ones are crooked, fixing the upper teeth is crucial. Depending on the malocclusion, one might be having; an orthodontist will help you make the right decision on the braces you need.

How Much Do Upper (Or Just Lower) Braces Cost?

The cost or braces do vary depending on the manufacturing material as well as the form of treatment. Also, your orthodontist’s location determines how much you will pray for either upper or lower braces. Another critical factor that affects the cost of your braces is whether you have insurance.

With insurance, you can get either upper or lower braces at a reduced fee of $3400. On the other hand, buying braces without insurance can cost as high as $4900. For ceramic braces, you can spend between $4000-8000. Metal braces are a cheaper option, and you will spend around $3000-7000.

Other braces include lingual braces that may cost between $8000-10,000 and invisalign that range between $4000-7400. Based on the above prices, it is quite evident that braces are expensive, and you might need a payment plan to pay for them. If you have insurance, you would be in a great position too. You should also note that these prices vary depending on your orthodontist and insurance coverage.

What Can Go Wrong with Placing Just One Row of Braces?

Since many factors are considered when getting upper or lower problems, not many issues have been reported regarding the single arch treatment. However, if you opt for a single arch treatment, you will need to take all precautionary measures to ensure that braces work for you.

For instance, you might need to eat soft food until the discomfort disappears. Besides, you will also need to practice proper hygiene and go for regular check-ups for adjustments.

Some of the common cases that have been reported regarding single arch braces are breakage. However, you need to consider eating soft meals until the discomfort goes. In some cases, people prefer full braces treatment, which is not a bad idea.

However, your orthodontist will determine what if right for you and whether you are eligible for upper or lower braces. This comes a long way to ensure nothing goes wrong.


Having braces on the upper or lower side is a great idea and can significantly help you deal with malocclusions. However, you need to go for an assessment to determine which is the best treatment for you.

Besides, it would be best if you considered costs as braces are expensive, as we have seen. Also, ensuring the right dental practice will come in handy to solve your teeth and biting issues.

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