Can You Kiss Someone With Braces?

You’re all alone, and you finally have a private moment with the person you’ve had a crush on for months. The thought of kissing floods your mind, but so does another one: Can I kiss someone when I have braces? If you have found yourself in this situation in the past, don’t worry!

No matter how many movies we have watched in the past that have showcased the horrors of making out while wearing braces, the reality is much different. Not only can individuals with braces kiss one another with no trouble involved, but there are also no limitations that should hold you back from expressing yourself.

Is It Possible To Kiss While Wearing Braces?

Just because you have braces doesn’t mean you have to put a hold on your romantic life. On the contrary, kissing with braces is just as simple and easy to perform as when you don’t have braces straightening your teeth. With over 4-million people in the United States that wear braces daily, making out is not an issue.

However, becoming acclimated to your new braces may take some time, and getting situated to the new sensation of your braces can take a few months. Various experiences, such as pain, pressure, small traces of blood and having food caught in your wires may be intimidating, but these side effects are manageable with some quick tips.

More importantly, many newfound patients that have braces become self-conscious of their appearance. While your feelings are valid, you should never feel ashamed of improving your dental health and integrity.

If you’re the person kissing an individual wearing braces, take your time and learn to appreciate the moment. One of the best techniques you can implement to diffuse the situation is to take attention away from the fact that they’re wearing braces. Compliment other aspects of their beauty that catch your eye, and you can’t go wrong.

Also, take your time to figure out the best angles in which to kiss your partner. Each set of braces is unique and custom to the patient, so finding the ‘sweet spot’ to get a great kiss is paramount.

Tips for Kissing With Braces

The most noticeable factor between kissing with braces and kissing without braces is the amount of time you must spend on hygiene. We won’t lie: braces require extra effort from the patient to maintain high-level cleanliness and appearance.

With that said, here are some easy-to-follow tips that will help your romantic life while wearing braces:

  • Approach kissing slowly and with caution. Bumping your braces into your partner’s lips, gums or teeth can be painful and damage their teeth.
  • If you know kissing is a possibility, spend extra time cleaning between the small spaces between your braces to remove food buildup and bacteria.
  • Avoid too much tongue during a kiss. If your partner gets their tongue too close to the wiring on your braces, it may become stuck or cut.
  • Keep a small bottle of mouthwash or a few mints in your purse or pocket to ensure fresh and vibrant-smelling breath.
  • Communicate with your partner about the precautions that they must take to ensure safe kissing.
  • Approach the kiss slow and steady: this isn’t a footrace!

As you can see, with a bit of communication and preparation, kissing with braces can be fun and romantic! Remember to hold your head high, and don’t get down on yourself for using braces to straighten your smile.

The Dangers of Kissing With Braces

There aren’t that many downsides of kissing someone with braces, but caution should still be maintained while moving forward. As stated earlier, the most noticeable side effect of kissing with braces is accidentally bumping into your partner with your wires.

Avoid getting into a rush while kissing someone with braces, and be aware of the location of your tongue. Braces can cut gums and damage teeth if you bump into your partner with too much force, so make sure to approach the kiss with caution.

For the individual kissing someone with braces, make sure to distract the wearer. The last thing you want to do is cause emotional harm or trauma from a casual makeout session. Instead, use your lips when kissing your partner and make them forget they’re wearing braces at all.

Get caught up in the moment with your romantic partner and be aware of the ability to damage one another’s teeth and gum line.

Don’t Let Braces Control Your Love Life

Just because you have braces does not mean you don’t deserve love. Walk with confidence and hold your head with pride. Kissing your partner should be a pleasurable and relaxed experience, not something that causes anxiety and dread.

Enjoy yourself and let the moment unfold naturally. By focusing on your partner and making them value the moment, your worries and woes will fall to the wayside.

Lastly, we encourage you to practice thorough hygiene to make the experience more pleasant for you and your romantic partner. Many individuals that wear braces carry around mints, mouthwash, toothpaste and a small brush for quick cleanups and fresh breath. While this may seem like a small burden, you never know when true love or romance might spark in your life!

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