How Long Will My Teeth Hurt After My Braces Are Tightened?

Getting braces for the first time will always feel uncomfortable, but some people will worry about the pain involved with braces. For example, your orthodontist may need to tighten your teeth, which will make them to pull towards each other, causing some soreness and pain.

While tightness is unavoidable when you need to get braces, some people will wonder how long the pain will last. The pain won’t happen immediately, but you’ll begin to notice it after a while. However, it should only last about a week.

Why Do My Teeth Hurt When My Braces Are Tightened?

It may seem strange that your orthodontist would tighten your teeth if it causes you pain, but it’s a necessary part of making your teeth straight. Many people will have crooked teeth with gaps in them since their teeth can grow in a variety of directions. This can be caused by a variety of factors, such as the ones listed below.

  • Breathing through your mouth too much.
  • Sucking on your thumb.
  • Allergies and asthma can also contribute to crooked teeth.

When you develop crooked teeth or ones with gaps, the orthodontist needs to use braces to pull your teeth together. He or she will set them at a specific tightness so your teeth will begin to pull towards each other. While this pulling and tightening does straighten your teeth, it will also cause pain.

This is because the braces force your teeth to move and re-position themselves, which will naturally cause pain and irritation in the gums. This then causes the area around your teeth to feel sore since the braces are constantly applying pressure to your teeth. However, the pain should only last for a week at most.

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Will It Hurt When The Orthodontist Tightens My Braces?

Interestingly, you most likely won’t feel pain while your orthodontist tightens your teeth. The pain usually begins later in the day after you visit the orthodontist. Instead, you will most likely feel some pressure as the orthodontist begins to tighten your teeth, but it won’t immediately hurt.

However, once the tightening causes your teeth to move enough, you will start to feel pain. It will become noticeable later in the day and the amount of pain can vary depending on the tightness of the braces. So you should prepare yourself to feel some pain and tightness in your teeth after you go to the orthodontist.

You will most likely feel soreness in your teeth along with some sensitivity and tenderness around your gums. Even though it can be uncomfortable, you need to remember that this is normal for braces since they’re tightening your teeth to force them into place. Most of the time, you just need to bear through it, but some may wonder what they can do to help with the pain that they face.

What Can I Do Afterwards To Help With The Pain?

If you’re feeling some serious pain in your mouth after the tightening, then you can try some approaches to alleviate the pain and feel more comfortable. The following list will give you a few ideas so you can bring more relief to your teeth, gums and jaw.

Remember that there are multiple tips for braces pain relief, so you should look into the options available. This way, you can find something that will allow you to reduce the pain or avoid making it worse.

More Ways To Alleviate Pain From Your Braces

  • Oral Topical Anesthetics can help numb your gums temporarily which can help
  • Ice cold water
  • Icepacks
  • Warm saltwater rinses can help clean and heal any minor cuts or nicks your gums may have
  • Give it time – it will get better. Use the above methods to help get your through the worst.

If you have excessive pain that is keeping you awake or causing serious problems, then you should get in contact with your orthodontist. This way, you could potentially get further help and treatment for your pain if it is unbearable. Remember that your orthodontist is there to help you, so it doesn’t hurt to contact him or her when you need some extra assistance.

How Often Will My Braces Need To Be Tightened?

This depends on the position of your teeth and your current progress. Everyone will have different needs when they go to the orthodontist, so they will also need a different amount of time to finish the tightening process. Because of this, you can have your braces tightened often or every once in a while.

It all depends on the current position of your teeth, but at most you will get your teeth tightened every orthodontist visit. Keep in mind that you will only visit the doctor every four to six weeks, so you will, at most, get your teeth tightened each month.

Either way, you will become more accustomed to the tightening as you wear braces. Sure, you may feel more pain or soreness the first them they get tightened, but your mouth will get used to it. This means that you may even start feeling less pain and for a shorter amount of time.


Even though people will face some pain when they get their braces tightened, they should also remember that it will only last for about a week or less. Since the braces are moving your teeth to make them straight, you will feel some pain during the process. However, once you no longer need braces, you will have straight teeth.

Remember that you can relieve some of the pain by using the tips mentioned earlier. This way, you can work through the tightening despite the discomfort or pain that it may cause in your mouth. Even though you won’t like it now, the end result will make the entire process worth it.

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