How To Clean Gold Teeth

The way you clean your gold teeth will depend on the type you have. There are three types of gold teeth: removable, permanent, and grillz.

How to Clean Permanent Gold Teeth

Permanent gold teeth are actually gold crowns that are used the same as ceramic crowns to cover a damaged tooth. The use of gold doesn’t really change anything in regards to cleaning your teeth after the crowns are applied.

Permanent gold teeth are simple to clean:

  • You don’t need a specific toothpaste to clean them.
  • You will still want to brush your teeth twice a day and floss to keep plaque from building up.
  •  You should not use whitening toothpaste as this is ineffective on them and the whitening product might dull the finish of the gold

How to Clean Removable Gold Teeth

Make sure to remove your removable gold teeth daily to clean. You can purchase an aftermarket tooth soaking solution or you can ask your dentist. Once you’ve soaked your tooth make sure to dry it thoroughly. You can also use a polish cloth to give it that extra shine you’re looking for!

Cleaning Gold Grillz

Grills/Grillz/Fronts are decorative covers for your teeth that are becoming quite popular as ways to show off your success and status. Grillz can be permanent or removable.

Cleaning permanent Grills is the same as cleaning the individual gold tooth as stated above. If you have a removable gold grill in your mouth, then there are special cleaning tips you’ll want to follow to maintain both the ultra-cool look of the grill while protecting the teeth underneath.

Tips For Maintaining and Cleaning Gold Grills:

  • Remove your Grillz when you eat if possible. If you don’t, food particles can get stuck between the grillz and your teeth and could cause problems.
  • Before you put your grillz back in your mouth you’ll want to brush and floss your teeth.
  • If you can’t (or don’t want to) remove your grillz to eat, make sure you are removing your grillz twice daily for brush and floss your teeth. If you don’t do this your teeth may become more prone to cavities, gingivitis, and other painful tooth conditions.
  • Cleaning the Gold grillz involves soaking them in a non-abrasive cleaning solution and using a soft cloth to clean and polish the teeth.
  • Allow the Grillz to air dry, if possible, before wearing them again.

Check with the manufacturer of your Grillz to see if they have any specific recommendations when it comes to cleaning.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Gold Crowns Vs Porcelain/Ceramic Crowns?

  • Gold crowns last longer
  • Gold crowns actually have antibacterial properties that may help to keep your mouth healthier
  • They are very, very strong and resistant to erosion

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Gold Teeth FAQ’s

You should ask a lot of questions before deciding to have gold added to your teeth. This is especially true if your natural teeth are not damaged and you are adding the gold just for aesthetics. 

1. What are Gold Teeth?

This type of tooth is called a crown, cap, or cover that has the exteriors made of gold coating. While they are not dangerous to your health they aren’t pure gold. They are usually about 16-karat. Gold teeth aren’t made of 100% of this compound, because the pure material is malleable and when used to bite or grind food it wouldn’t hold its form. They can be more reliable than porcelain crowns.

2. What are Gold Teeth Made From?

These teeth are made of a gold alloy, usually 16-karat, zinc, copper and/or silver. There are several types of teeth, such as crowns infused with:

  • Porcelain
  • Gold crowns
  • Pure gold teeth
  • Gold teeth alloy

3. How Much Does It Cost To Put A Diamond In Your Teeth?

The price of gold teeth depends on if your dental insurance will cover it. Generally speaking, crowns can cost upwards of $3,000 without insurance. Insurance will only cover this if it is medically necessary. 

4. What are Cheaper Alternatives?

Given that most of the time this material is a status symbol or fashion statement you can get just a regular filling of porcelain or porcelain crown. You can even have an entire tooth rebuilt for you. Porcelain can cost as much or more than this material. However, it is more common practice to use porcelain alloys. This gives the natural look of a tooth, with the malleability and strength of a gold tooth.

5. Does Insurance Cover Gold Teeth?

Insurance sometimes covers this material to cover your teeth. It depends entirely on your dental insurance. They will save you anywhere from 50 to 80% off depending on your insurance. 

6. Do Dentists Recommend This Type of Treatment?

Some dentists may recommend this or porcelain or a combination of both. It’s noncorrosive and mouths are meant to be the starting process of breaking down food for digestion. This makes the mouth a very intense environment.

Gold or porcelain crowns are recommended to replace/repair broken or cracked teeth. They can be recommended to replace lost teeth as well as fill in cavities. 

Dentists find that these types of teeth are now more of a status symbol. However, they are a very viable option for dental procedures. They hold up longer than their porcelain counterparts in many cases and are less expensive. They do not match the coloring of your natural enamel so many dentists are leaning away from the practice of putting in this type of crown.

7. Are There Health Reasons to get Gold Teeth?

You would get this kind of tooth not just as a status symbol, but also to help with various dental issues. You may get one for: 

  • They can be used to restore a damaged or broken tooth
  • As a filling where your tooth has decayed
  • To strengthen your tooth 
  • Style
  • To replace a filling that has been broken or reopened
  • To seal up a tooth after a root canal

Before making the decision to have this treatment, you should speak to your dentist. 

8. Can I Smoke With Them?

You should not smoke with them because it can make them look less healthy. Given that it is toxic to consume you should not use gold polish. This could make you sick.

Should I Get Them?

It depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking to be “cool” check out a set of grills. These are like caps that you can pop on and off your teeth. If you’re looking to resolve a dental issue, such as a cavity, then they are a great solution. Most fillings or dental work today is done with porcelain alloys using this material or other precious metal.

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