What Is A Venlay Restoration? Is This Procedure Right For Me?

A Venlay restoration is more than a cosmetic procedure. It’s a comprehensive yet non-invasive way to enhance your appearance and correct your bite. Let’s find out if it’s right for you.

What Is a Venlay Restoration?

Venlay restorations are handcrafted porcelain veneers combined with Face Lift Dentistry — the latest approach in using dental work to reverse the cosmetic signs of aging in your face.

Veneers are nothing new. Invented by California dentist Charles Pincus in 1928, they’re ultra-thin shells that are bonded to your teeth to enhance their appearance. What makes Venlay restorations different is that they’re more than just cosmetic — they reshape your teeth, correcting your bite and your smile.

Unlike conventional veneers, Venlay restorations are applied over healthy enamel. There’s no need to grind teeth down to make them fit — an uncomfortable and irreversible process. Properly applied, they can restore a more youthful jawline without surgery or braces while easing the symptoms associated with misaligned teeth.

Who Can Benefit From a Venlay Restoration?

Venlay restorations are ideal for people who:

• Want to improve their appearance
• Correct an overbite, underbite or crossbite
• Prefer a non-invasive, non-surgical correction technique that preserves their natural teeth
• Have had changes in their jawline due to periodontal bone loss and “bite collapse”
• Suffer from symptoms of a misaligned jaw, such as TMJ disorder

You’ll get the most out of Venlay restorations if you need both cosmetic enhancements and bite correction.

The potential benefits include:

A whiter, brighter, confident smile
• A fuller chin and stronger jawline
• Fewer fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth
• More effective chewing
• Clearer speech
• Less neck tension and fewer headaches
• Better breathing for sleep apnea patients and more

What Is the Process for a Venlay Restoration?

Venlay restorations are new and performed by a limited number of dentists. Travel may be required, but every effort is made to offer the quickest and most efficient treatment possible.

The process varies based on your oral health but usually occurs in four phases:

Phase 1 — The Consultation

During your initial visit, you’ll review the Venlay procedure and learn what to expect. A computer will show you how you’ll look post-restoration.

Phase 2 — The Evaluation

At your second visit, the dentist will perform a comprehensive exam and x-rays, taking molds of your teeth for the veneers — they take days to weeks to manufacture. The JawTrac imaging system identifies misalignment in your jaw, creating a custom appliance for you to wear while you wait. It simulates your veneers, so you’ll know exactly what your face will look and feel like when the treatment is complete.

Phase 3 — The Restoration

If your teeth are healthy, the veneers are applied at your third visit. It takes about three hours and no anesthesia isn’t necessary — it’s generally painless. Top and bottom veneers may be applied on different days.

Phase 4 — The Fine-Tuning

As with all dental work, Venlay restorations may require fine-tuning to optimize your bite. Minor adjustments are made until you’re fully satisfied.

In most cases, Venlay restorations can be completed in two to three weeks. If you need new fillings or corrective dental work before the treatment, your regular dentist should address those first.

What Is the Recovery Like After a Venlay Restoration?

Recovering from Venlay restorations is as easy as getting used to your new smile. You’ll brush, floss and chew normally. Your face will feel different, but it’s painless, and in a few short weeks, the veneers will feel like your natural teeth.

Who Can Perform a Venlay Restoration?

Any cosmetic dentist can offer veneers, but specialized training is required to perform Venlay restorations and Face Lift Dentistry. In the US, you’ll need to see Dr. Sam Muslin, the California dentist who pioneered the procedure. But there’s been so much interest in Venlay restorations that he’s just launched the Face Lift Dentistry Academy for practitioners, so look for a qualified dentist in your area soon.

How Much Is a Venlay Restoration?

The cost of Venlay restorations averages $2600–$3400 per tooth, or a minimum of $35,000 for entry-level treatment. Like veneers, they’re considered largely cosmetic and are rarely covered by insurance despite the potential health benefits.

When considering Venlay restorations, Dr. Muslin and his colleagues urge patients to compare it to the risks, benefits and cost of surgical bite corrections, conventional veneers, braces and more. They’re confident it’s a good value.

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