What Is Crest Emulsions Whitening? Does It Really Work?

Do you need to improve your smile by whitening your teeth even more? If you do, then Crest has you covered. The Crest is the brand that came up with the home-based teeth whiteners Crest 3DWhitestrips.

This brand now has a new entrant into the market; Crest Emulsions. Crest Emulsion is the first-ever teeth whitening treatment that is leave-on. This technology has been making for close to 20 years, making it a market disruptor and your next teeth whitening big thing.

Crest Whitening Emulsions Leave-on Teeth Whitening Gel Kit With LED Accelerator Light, 0.63 Oz
Crest Whitening Emulsions Leave-on Teeth Whitening Gel Kit With LED Accelerator Light, 0.63 Oz
Swipes on in seconds and continues whitening long after you apply!; Just Apply and Boost; Enamel safe for use up to 4x per day. For best results continue to apply for 14 treatments
Crest Whitening Emulsions Leave-On Teeth Whitening Gel Pen Kit, 0.88 Oz (25 G)
Crest Whitening Emulsions Leave-On Teeth Whitening Gel Pen Kit, 0.88 Oz (25 G)
Better. Faster. 100% Whiter* Teeth. Virtually No Sensitivity. *vs ARC pen whitening; Swipes on in seconds and starts whitening teeth instantly.
SmileDirectClub Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light - 8 Pack Gel Pens - Professional Strength Hydrogen Peroxide
SmileDirectClub Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light - 8 Pack Gel Pens - Professional Strength Hydrogen Peroxide
8 bright on premium whitening pens (2 full whitening treatments).; Results last up to 6 months, per 1 week treatment. Up to 9 shades whiter in just one week.

Give Me A Quick Summary Of Crest Emulsions

Crest emulsions teeth whitening treatment comes in two models; on the go built-in applicator and a wand applicator. This new technology works instantly when applied to your teeth and delivers active hydrogen peroxide at 5x more to whiten your teeth and ensure you don’t get any sensitivity. You can use this whitening formula in seconds at any time of the day.

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For most people, keeping white teeth requires brushing teeth using toothpaste or the application of gels. However, these methods are not effective since you might still get discolored teeth or stained teeth. If you have stained or discolored teeth, you probably have tried all the traditional methods with little success.

Some of these methods are also pretty uncomfortable since they cause the teeth’ sensitivity while others destroy your enamel’s enamel. According to P&G Senior vice president of North America Oral care, crest emulsions culminate from 20-year research on a tooth whitening product. A market gap and consumer insights informed this research.

It is no secret that many people crave for teeth whitening products that are very effective, convenient, and free of sensitivity. It is for this reason that the American company came up with the crest emulsions teeth whitening solution.

How Does Crest Emulsion Whitening Work?

Peroxide teeth whitening involves dissolving organic stains into the cleaning agent. The overall effect is a change in the color of teeth from stained to whitened teeth. When the peroxide enters the tiny holes in the dentin and the enamel, it breaks down the stains that block it. The stains are broken into tiny pieces and thereby exposing the teeth to light.

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The technology harnesses the potential from emulsion chemistry that is found in most beauty products. Crest Emulsions teeth whitening treatment uses a hydrating base that is water-resistant to ensure that you do not experience teeth whitening related sensitivity.

This is a departure from the traditional paint-on gels and toothpaste that are known to dilute away pretty quickly. Crest Emulsion is also revolutionizing the ideas people have on teeth whitening products. The product can be applied on the go with quick, effective, and profound results without occasion-based applications.

Consequently, you can tailor your teeth whitening journey with convenience since you don’t have to rinse your teeth or brush after using crest emulsions.

Most traditional teeth whitening products tend to dilute away quickly, which makes them not as effective. Crest emulsion creates a very thin layer of activated peroxide droplets that last 10X longer.

This makes the product an excellent choice in removing the stains and keeping your teeth in perfect condition.

How Do Other Teeth Whiteners Work?

Some of the other teeth whitening methods involve various products you can purchase from a local store or pharmacy. Some of these products include the traditional toothpaste, paint-on gels, and other take-home whitening products.

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Most of the commonly available take-home products or over-the-counter products come with very little or no peroxide to help clean the teeth. These products have to be applied to the teeth and be activated by some form of laser, heat, or light. Other take-home products have to be worn in a tray for some time for results.

For instance, your dentist will make a custom fitting tray for you that holds the teeth whitening product against your teeth. These products might also contain a good amount of fluoride to help in the prevention of tooth sensitivity. You can experience stains removed for typical dirt in up to 14 days if you wear the trays overnight.

Over-the-counter products are also known to be pretty acidified. This means that they contain acid that might lead to abrasion of the tooth enamel or injury on your gum.

For this reason, they should be used with utmost care. It is also worthwhile noting that OTC products can take even longer to show effect; some take up to 6 months.

Due to the risks involved and the amount of time required, consideration of the crest emulsions whitening treatment is the best idea.

How Much Do I Need to Part with to Get This Great Product?

The cost of Crest Whitening Emulsions is dependent on the variety that you choose. For instance, you get a built-in applicator tube of whitening treatment for as little as $50. If you have bought other products, you understand that they could be pretty overpriced and less effective.

Another option is a 25g tube filled with crest emulsions with a wand applicator for easier application. This second option goes for as little as $60. Taking into context some of the other over-the-counter products such as take-home products, you will find that Crest emulsions give you the best value for your pocket.

For instance, an in-chair teeth whitening procedure can set you back about $260 per tooth. Additionally, complimentary consultation and other methods such as plaque removal might take about $280 from your pocket.

What Are the Risks That I Can Expect from Teeth Whitening Procedures?

Like any procedure that might be conducted on your body, teeth whitening comes with its risks. Some of the risks reported from teeth whitening procedures include increased tooth sensitivity and gingival irritation that could be minimal or extensive, depending on sodium peroxide concentration in the bleaching agent.

The period of treatment could also lead to these problems. The teeth sensitivity mainly occurs during the procedure and can last for several days. On the other hand, gingivitis irritation can appear a day after the procedure and last several days later.

However, with the crest emulsions teeth whitening treatment, these problems are very minimal. For instance, the probability of you developing teeth sensitivity is on a low-to-none range.

Why Should I Choose Crest Emulsion Whitening?

Like already stated, crest emulsion gives you the best treatment option for both your teeth and pocket. When it comes to convenience, you also get to choose the best treatment route you want to follow. Whichever variety you will choose, you get to choose the time, place, and frequency of applying the emulsions.

The treatment is also not inhibited by factors such as application time since you can use it without having to leave your office desk. For just a second, you are good to go. Crest emulsions whitening treatment also gives you quick results in a short time. This is also accentuated by the increased frequency of application and more convenient application methods.


Crest emulsions are a great way to restore your pearl white smile. Despite different varieties of the product, the results will be the same. However, it is essential to note that teeth whitening treatment only works for mild to very light stains. Extensive teeth staining will require more comprehensive methods. People with yellowing teeth or spots are great candidates for these whitening products.

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