Will Whitening Strips Damage My Veneers?

You’re likely here because you recently had to visit the dentist to have a few veneers placed on some of your teeth. Maybe you had one chip badly or is unhealthy in a way that required a covering like a veneer. Unfortunately now you can clearly see just how not-white the rest of your teeth are and want to whiten them.

The only problem is…will whitening strips damage those expensive veneers you just had put in?

No, whitening strips will not cause any sort of damage to veneers, crowns and similar dental implants. That said, anyone belonging to that group of who wants to have his whitest smile while also relying on said crowns, veneers or other dental implants should be very careful when considering any sort of tooth whitening procedure.

Just because whitening strips cannot cause physical damage to your veneers, it does not mean that whitening will not make them blend in with your actual teeth.

What Are Veneers And Do They Come In Different Shades Of White?

Dental veneers are thin shells that fit over your teeth and permanently bond to them. They are made of either porcelain or a similar material that is resilient and serves to improve the cosmetic appearance of the tooth.

Some people might just get one veneer while others may replace the entire front area of their mouth. It depends on your need and how much you can afford to do.

Veneers absolutely come in different shades and these can be selected by comparing them against your normal tooth color.

When Should I Whiten My Teeth If I Need Crowns/Veneers/Etc?

The entire point of veneers and crowns is that they are intended to blend in with the color of your smile. If you need these sorts of implants and you want your smile as bright as it can be, you will need to have your whitening work done before you go in for the implants.

Done in that order, which happens to be the recommended course of action for this demographic, your dental work will reflect the brightness that you want your smile to be known for.

What If I Already Have Veneers and Want a Whiter Smile?

The whitening process causes some stress on the tooth, meaning that going back to a healthy state and turning an acceptable shade of white will take time. In the event that you had veneers or crowns installed and now want to brighten up your smile, you first need to give your teeth time to stabilize or your implants will never perfectly match the shading of your smile.

As a general rule of thumb, hold off on any sort of whitening treatments until at least two weeks have passed since you received your dental implants.

Why Would Someone Need To Whiten The Teeth Around A Veneer?

Veneers are intended to be permanent additions to your mouth. Whatever color they are when they are installed are the same color they are years later. Unfortunately the rest of your teeth may continue to darken due to things you eat and drink and the natural course of time.

So There Is No Actual Risk of Damaging My Veneers With Whitening Strips?

No matter how you go about it, the process of whitening teeth is an entirely cosmetic process. This means that there is absolutely no risk of damaging your crowns, veneers or whatever sort of dental implant you may have sitting inside of your mouth.

These sorts of implants are made out of materials that are designed to last for years. When you have something known for lasting as long as a decade, you can understand why they are more than capable of holding up to the bleaching chemicals used in any sort of teeth whitening strip.

Can You Change To A Whiter Veneer Later?

With that being said, if you choose to whiten your teeth after a veneer has been placed then you may end up needing to change it in the future. This can be done but it depends on how much enamel was removed on your tooth when the first veneer was placed.

A skilled dentist can accomplish this, but be warned – veneers are meant to be permanent. If you can, whiten those teeth before the veneer is placed and then maintain your natural teeth as well as you can to maintain that perfect look.

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