How Much Does It Cost To Put A Diamond In Your Teeth?

Justin Bieber. Madonna. Lil Wayne. Pink. Kanye West. Seems like more and more celebrities are looking to add a bit of diamond flare to their smiles. Whether it’s with a full diamond grill or a couple permanent diamond inserts, more and more folks with a lot of money want this look.

But how much does a diamond insert into a tooth cost? How about a full grill? One real diamond on one tooth averages about $2,000.

However, the entire procedure runs between $10,000 and $15,000 depending on how many diamonds or jewels you get. Tooth diamonds are perhaps one of the most costly cosmetic dental procedures on the market.

Most people do tooth diamonds and other jewels as a substitute for a crown or a whitening. That’s your choice. However, whether it’s worth the money or the risk to your health is very questionable.

Most dentists currently recommend a whitening over attaching a jewel. While we understand that some of you like to keep up with what’s cool, we are behind them 100 percent. Just because something seems cool, doesn’t mean that it’s healthy.

How The Process Of Diamond Insertion Works

Diamond insertion is a bonding process that is similar to a filling. The bonding agent is applied and then immediately followed by the grilling process. The second part takes a second visit because the digital impressions have to be sent to the lab to tweak the diamonds.

The third visit is the actual application of the diamonds. The application itself usually takes about 20 minutes. Most dentists will assure you that you can maintain your normal oral hygiene routine afterward.

However, you will probably be required to take some immediate aftercare steps.

You will probably have to hold off on eating for an hour but you can immediately drink water. You will probably be told to eat soft foods for the next 12 hours.

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You probably won’t be able to brush your teeth for just as long. It is usually recommended that you not use a battery-operated or electric toothbrush for the first 24 hours.

Whatever you do, don’t touch your diamond or gem excessively.

Most teeth jewels, including diamonds, done professionally last between six and 24 months. The only time that they’ve been known to cause serious damage to the tooth is if they’re worn longer than recommended. That’s because the bonding may wear away, which then wears the enamel away.

The removal process is similar to removing a bracket. This is to prevent any long term damage to your tooth’s enamel. Your dentist will simply remove it by a polishing tool and then give your tooth a fluoride treatment.

The process can be done in any cosmetic dentist office that offers the services. Some tattoo parlors are said to offer it as well.

We recommend that you use the dentist over the tattoo parlor. There’s no guarantee that a tattoo parlor will know exactly what chemicals are in the bonding applications.

No, the process is not painful because there’s no drilling. Tooth diamonds and other jewels shouldn’t be painful to wear because of the bonding agents being similar to a filling.

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How Healthy Are Diamond Teeth Implants?

At-home kits are very risky. You never know exactly what’s in the application agents and there’s a chance that you might not apply it right. As a result, it increases the risk for damage and numerous complications, such as decay.

You also need to brush very carefully in that area. Stray food particles love to hide around and behind jewels. If you don’t brush your diamond or gem well, bacteria can form causing a cavity and other complications.

The dental grills used in the process are often made of base metal and can cause an allergic reaction. If they’re left in longer than recommended, they can damage the enamel leaving your teeth less able to fight off bacteria. That shouldn’t happen in a dentist’s office but it is a high risk in tattoo parlors and at-home kits.

Most teeth diamonds and gems don’t fall off very easily. However, they have been known to get swallowed with food if the bonding adhesive is questionable or not strong. That’s one of the many reasons that it’s best left to the professionals.

Most dentists do not currently recommend getting teeth diamonds or other jewels. As of 2019, the American Cosmetic Dentistry does not have any regulations on them.

Where Can You Buy Gem Implants Outside Of A Dentist?

Maybe you don’t have the kind of funds that are needed to implant real diamonds on your mouth. However, you really like the look and you’d like to try it for yourself.

There are options:


Teeth diamonds and gems may look cool to some people. Again, we definitely understand the temptation to want to make a statement in the name of fashion.

However, aside from being the key to being able to have a balanced diet, taking care of your teeth can also help prevent many cardiovascular diseases, pneumonia and even premature birth. As a result, inserting a diamond or jewel is not recommended if you’re pregnant, have a compromised immune system or at risk for heart disease.

Some diseases, including diabetes, HIV/AIDS and osteoporosis can greatly affect your oral health. As a result, a tooth diamond or jewel is not recommended if you have any of those. If you choose to go through with it, watch for any signs of infection, decay, etc. very carefully.

Chances are, this probably won’t be an issue for most with these diseases. However, if someone you know with Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia wants a tooth diamond or jewel, it is best not to let him or her get one. Overtime, they forget how to do oral hygiene and a tooth jewel will only cause further complications.

We won’t pretend to make your decisions for you. But we don’t want to tell you that getting a tooth diamond or other jewel isn’t very highly risky. So if you do decide to go through with it and it turns out to be a bad choice for you, please don’t hold us responsible.

As we stated above, tooth diamonds especially are very highly costly. If money is an issue for you, you will need to ask yourself whether the high risks of a tooth diamond or jewel is worth going into high debt for. If not, maybe a good old fashioned whitening or crown would be better.

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