Philips Sonicare AirFloss Review

Have you ever had trouble finding the perfect tool to clean your teeth? I’ve used several brands and types of flossing tools and I couldn’t ever find the right one. I knew if I didn’t find something, I could end up with severe gum irritation and possible infections.

Then, I read about the Sonicare Airfloss. This tool cleans hard-to-reach places and so much more.

Things to Consider Before Buying An Airfloss

philips airfloss

An airfloss is a uniquely designed tool that works to remove plaque between your teeth. It looks like a waterpik wand or an electric toothbrush wand. The Airfloss is part of the Philips brand of oral care and technology.

Oral care products work to keep your teeth clean through flossing or brushing. With so many advanced oral care products on the market, it’s tough to know which one will work the best. There are many things to consider before you buy an oral care product. Here are a few things factors to consider when you’re researching an airfloss.

The Cost

This is one of the top factors people consider when they’re buying any kind of products. You want an oral care tool that will deep clean your teeth, but you may not want to spend over a certain amount. First, decide the amount of money you’re willing to spend. Then research products in your price range.

Also, perhaps you have a certain price in mind but you find a high-quality product. Some higher priced products are worth the investment so don’t rule them out right away. You may find that the Sonicare Airfloss is one of those products.


Whether it’s a toothbrush or a flossing tool, you want something you can comfortably hold in your hand. Brushing and flossing take time and if the tool isn’t comfortable you won’t want to use it. You want a tool that will cause your hand to cramp up if you’re holding it too long.

Also, you want to look for a wand that is lightweight and easy to move around inside your mouth.


Since the Airfloss is an electric tool, it will take time to use. It’s not your typical threading floss. When you’re researching flossing tools, think about the time you want to spend flossing each day. Then find the tool that meets your time requirements.

If you lead a busy life, you probably don’t want to spend several minutes flossing your teeth. Also, if traveling around it something you do often, look for a tool that is easy to pack up and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Orthodontic Care

Another important factor to consider is orthodontic care. If you have hardware such as braces, carefully consider the flossing tool. See if it’s compatible with braces. Some tools are too harsh and powerful for braces and other orthodontic hardware.

On the other hand, there are some tools that will help keep your mouth cleaner when you have braces.

Child Safety

kid friendly

If you have older children who may use an Airfloss, check and make sure it’s safe for children to use. This is especially important if you’re planning to use it for children who have braces. Some flossing tools give a powerful force that is just too harsh for little mouths and gums.

Implants and Veneers

If you have dental implants or veneers you want a tool that is gentle enough to use on these types of dental work. You want to make sure the tool is gentle and effective enough to clean.

Philips Sonicare Airfloss

ACCESORIESTravel Charger
  • Removes 5 times more plaque than brushing alone
  • Gentle on orthodontic hardware
  • Covers the whole mouth within 30 seconds
  • Gentle on teeth and gums
  • Easier to use than string floss
  • Not waterproof
  • Difficult to clean
  • Small water reservoir

The Sonicare Airfloss is part of the trust Philips brand of oral care and hygiene. If you’ve ever use Philips products, you know that they are one of the top trusted brands in oral care. In fact, many Philips products have the American Dental Association seal of acceptance. That is a great feeling to know they’re a trusted company.

The Sonicare Airfloss is an electric flossing tool that removes plaque from your teeth. This works better than regular flossing. It’s like the air mist you get in the dentist office. The Sonicare Airfloss shoots air and water molecules that reach between your teeth.

This helps reach the areas where brushing doesn’t get. This product is perfect for people who need a tool to help encourage the flossing practice.

Features and Benefits of the Sonicare Airfloss

If you’re thinking about buying a product, spend time researching and reading other reviews. It’s important to know all about the product’s benefits before you actually buy it. The Sonicare Airfloss promises healthier gums and teeth. This happens by removing food particles and plaque the same way flossing does. Here’s a little more about the features and benefits of this product.

Removes More Plaque

The Sonicare Airfloss has such a unique design that reaches between your teeth. When you press the “on button” little bursts of water (or mouthwash if you prefer) shoot between your teeth. The pressure of the water lifts tough plaque and bits of food.

This prevents oral problems such as gum irritation and cavities. I love how the whole process is a great finish after brushing. The idea is simple and more easy to use string floss. Over half of the people that use this product say is does work better than regular flossing.

Battery Life

battery life

It’s frustrating to use a battery operated product and have it die when you’re using it. The Sonicare Airfloss has a rechargeable battery. This way you never have to worry about replacing them. You do need to pay attention to the battery life.

The manufacturer states that the battery should last up to 3 weeks if it’s completely charged. This also depends on how often you use it.

If you use the tool more than once per day, the battery probably won’t last a full 3 weeks. Customers say they kept in the charging station when they weren’t using it and it lasted much longer.

Other customers commented that excess water will effect the battery life. The device isn’t waterproof so if you get water in the battery compartment, it will ruin the battery.

Replacement Nozzles

The Airfloss only comes with 1 nozzle. They recommend that you replace it within 6 months. Some customers used the nozzle for much longer and the condition was still excellent. If you’re considering the Sonicare Airfloss, factor in buying replacement nozzles. Other Sonicare Airfloss products come with replaceable nozzles, but this model does not.

Travel Charger

It’s great to have an extra charger when you’re traveling. However, this product doesn’t include one. It does include a charging base but it’s not idea for traveling purposes.

Gentle On Teeth And Gums

I have sensitive gums (like many other people) so I am always looking for oral care products that are gentle. Dental pics and string floss can feel harsh on your gums especially if you’re in a hurry with flossing. I love how this is gentle on your teeth and gums but powerful enough to remove food particles.

A few users remarked how the water blast irritated their gums. But, these uses already had irritated and bleeding gums. If you have swollen gums, ask your dentist before you use the Sonicare Airfloss.

There were customers that agreed the blast was powerful but it helped their gums over time. It claims to improve gum health within 2 weeks of using it.

Safe On Implants

The purpose of dental implants is to take the place of your tooth’s root and grow to your jawbone. People usually have implants when they need a crown on one of their teeth. Dentists treat the procedure like a surgery and the implants can last a long time.

The Sonicare Airfloss is gentle enough to use on implants. It even helps keep them cleaner by removing particles.

Safe For Veneers

Veneers adhere to your teeth to brighten your smile. It’s a very thin material that blends in with your teeth for a natural look. They can last a long time if you take great care of them. Veneers need frequent brushing and flossing like normal.

The Sonicare Airfloss works great to clean between your teeth and on the surface. It gets rid of plaque build-up and the company states it’s safe for veneers.

Great For Orthodontic Care

If you have braces or know anyone that does, you know it’s very difficult to floss with braces. There are special flossing tools for braces that help you floss between each tooth. Flossing this way takes twice as long for someone with braces than someone without.

That’s where the Sonicare Airfloss helps break up the particles from your teeth and brackets. When you have braces, flossing is important. The Airfloss delivers a powerful blast to help you get the job done. Many users who have braces said the Airfloss made flossing so much easier and quicker.


The Sonicare Airfloss is resistant to water. This makes it helpful to use after brushing your teeth. But, it is not waterproof. You can’t use it in the shower and you shouldn’t stick it under running water in the bathroom to clean it.

Comfortable Grip

If you’re brushing or flossing, it’s important to have a lightweight and comfortable tool. The Airfloss is lightweight and the handle is easy to grip. The handle is about the same width as an electric toothbrush.


I love products that come with a warranty in case anything goes wrong with the product. The Sonicare Airfloss comes with a limited 2 year warranty. You have to fill out the necessary information to make it valid. If a part breaks, they’ll give you free replacement within the 2 year time frame.

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What People Are Saying About This Product

I spent some time researching various reviews on the Internet. I found some positive reviews on this product. Here is what some people said about the Sonicare Airfloss.

A must have product for my healthy teeth and gums

Reduced bleeding of my gums and seems to remove a good deal of food residue

Great flosser!

Products Similar to the Sonicare Airfloss

The Sonicare Airfloss is not the only electronic flossing tool on the market. We reviewed several of them and found three products that are great alternatives.

Panasonic Travel Oral Irrigator

The Panasonic Travel Oral Irrigator is larger than the Sonicare Airfloss but it’s goal is the same. After brushing, use this oral irrigator to take the place of flossing. Instead of bursts of air and water, this product gives a steady stream of pressurized water. The powerful force loosens plaque and food in the same way.

This flossing tool cleans under braces and between crowns or even crooked teeth. The water stream massages gums and teeth. The nozzle is retractable which reveals the water compartment. It also:

  • Travels well
  • Gives powerful pressure but still gentle
  • Great for orthodontic hardware
  • Cleans in between tooth gaps
  • Battery operated
  • This product is affordable.

What Customers Loved About This Product

Many customers loved how the Panasonic Oral Irrigator cleaned between their teeth. Several customers struggled with flossing and they dealt with plaque build up. This product helped remove particles and left their mouths feeling fresh and clean.

Other customers loved how it helped remove some surface stains from dark beverages. There was a problem with battery operation. Many users complained that the batteries don’t last very long.

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Water Flosser Professional Cordless Dental Oral Irrigator

If you’re looking for product with all the bells and whistles, this is one to consider. The cordless feature makes it convenient to walk around if you need to. It also has the same flossing goals as the Sonicare Airfloss.

It doesn’t have a retractable nozzle like the Panasonic Irrigator. It does have a removable water tank for you to fill. The feature is even better because it allows you to clean it and keep it free from bacteria buildup. Some other features include:

  • Waterproof design
  • Rechargeable battery with a USB design
  • Rotating nozzle
  • 3 adjustable pressure modes – normal, gentle, and pulse
  • Tank holds about 200 ml of water
  • Perfect for those who need orthodontic care
  • This product is similar in price with the Sonicare Airfloss.


If you’re not use to using a flossing tool like this one, you should use the soft mode first. People with sensitive teeth and gums may find it harsh on their mouths. As you get used to the pressure you can switch modes.

The Water Flosser has a comfortable design and powerful action. This helps clean any dental or orthodontic hardware.

Customer Reviews

Customers said they always found leftover particles in their teeth after brushing. Immediately after using the Water Flosser, they noticed a cleaner feel and look. They also had no leftover toothpaste residue. The convenient travel feature was another popular benefit.

Among the positive reviews, there were also issues. Several customers said the Water Flosser stopped giving off high pressure over time. This is either a single model issue or a manufacturing defect.

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WaterPik Water Flosser

The WaterPik is one of the most popular brands on the market in oral care. This particular model is has a seal from the American Dental Association. It is bigger than the Water Flosser and the Panasonic Oral Irrigator. It’s also larger than the Sonicare Airfloss. The WaterPik is the most expensive of the four products mentioned. You can check the price on Amazon.

The WaterPik is a professional grade electronic flossing tool. It includes a 1 minute timer and a 30 second interval alert that lets you know to switch areas of your mouth. One of the best features is the interchangeable nozzles. You can use these for braces or other dental hardware.

A few other features include:

  • Ability to control the water pressure
  • Removes tough debris left behind after brushing
  • Promotes healthier gums
  • Lightweight handle
  • Rechargeable battery

What People Are Saying

Many users love that the WaterPik delivers a promised powerful clean. It also removes bacteria from teeth. They said after a few days, their gums felt healthier and less sensitive after using this product.

A few people complained that it was too noisy but nothing that stopped them from using the product. Everyone loved the several different nozzles they could use according to individual needs.

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Is the Sonicare Airfloss for you?

It’s tough to find the time to keep your teeth extra clean if you lead a busy life. Even if your life isn’t busy, it’s hard enough getting clean teeth if you have braces or other dental work. The Sonicare Airfloss is a great product to help you floss more.

It also works great to help you keep your dental work looking new and your gums more healthy. While this is a great product, there also other effective brands. These brands offer longer warranties and more features than this flossing tool.

If you have crooked teeth or sensitive gums, the Sonicare Airfloss is a great tool to check out. Like other brands, it works hard to clean under braces and between your teeth so plaque doesn’t build up. If you don’t need a lot of extra features, check out this product and decide if it’s the best tool for your oral health.

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